Aptoide tv How To  Install Aptoide TV All Gouid And Information

Aptoide tv How To  Install Aptoide TV All Gouid And Information

Aptoide tv is the best place to find apps, especially when you can install them from your smartphone, through this, you can open an app and game on the tv. Which makes the experience of your multi-screen Aptoide more intuitive! If you want to see all the apps and games on your phone on a big TV screen, then you have to install Aptoide tv on your TV.
Whether you are already running an Android TV. There are many apps that you should install on your TV. These are not just apps. This is a new experience that makes your television more enjoyable. In this post, we tell you how you can use Aptoide tv.

About Aptoide tv

Aptoide tv

If you have not installed it on your TV set, then this time is special for you. You download it on your TV and run it. This is the definitive media center for your Android TV. It can do all this, is able to run entertainment, movies, music, news and run all kinds of channels! This will definitely become the favorite app in your Android TV, Aptoide is a TV Store based app, and so it can be installed on any device. You can do this along with the android device, ios device and all kinds of smartphones on TV. It can also be installed on Fire TV because it runs on a version of the Android platform on the Fire OS. You can not install it from Amazon Store.

How To  Install Aptoide TV

  • Go to your Android’s settings menu.
  • Check the security option and select it.
  • Observe that the “Unknown source” checkbox is ticked. If not, click it.
  • Go to the next step.
  • Install the application, go to https://app-aptoide.com  Aptoide-tv on your TV’s browser, download the app.
  • After completing the download, you can copy the APK file to the flash disk.
  • Plug in Flash Drive in your Android TV / TV box and install the app.


We told you that Aptoide TV does a successful installation. We hope you have liked it. You use it on your TV and enjoy the full Aptoide APK facility.
If you have any other questions then we must comment.


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