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We all know Aptoide App, this is a well-known app. This is an optional marketplace, where users can download all Android applications for free. In this, you get all kinds of games and apps. In this, you can search for apps and applications of your choice. All apps in the Aptoide App are updated from time to time. This app is like another Play Store. You get all the applications in Aptoide. By this, you can get all those apps which are not available in other stores.

This is a great app for downloading all kinds of apps. Registration is not required to use this app, within which you get more than 300,000 applications, which you can easily download.

About Aptoide App

Aptoide App

In the Aptoide App, you get many versions, which you can use for your device. Aptoide works like the Google Play store. This app allows you to download apps and games for free. The important thing here is that you do not need to register for using this app store.

The special thing about this app is that it offers a unique rollback feature. Through which users can download older versions of their favorite app. Many phones do not support new versions, for this, the old version can be downloaded through this app. Aptoide is a store that keeps all kinds of apps and games.

The user has the option to store themselves with filtered categories. It can find exclusive stores of various cell phones and different brands and models. You can store downloaded apps in Aptoide App. You can also update the app downloaded from Aptoide from the app store. If you do not like the latest version of an app, you can rollback your old version for this, and download it to the latest version.

Aptoide file information

You can get all the information related to this app from our site. All the information below it has been reported in the details.

Aptoide file information

Package name: -cm.aptoide.pt ( Aptoide APK)

Version:- (9122)

File size:-22.1 MB

Last Updated:- November 5, 2018

Required Android version:- Android 4.0.3

MD5:- 484810016824f4a6cb5e95465e602d2c

SHA1: -48beb9a44c10b1f74e6b5f4fd588168e4bf00a10

Users- 200 million users

Aptoide APK Download

We will tell you how to download Aptoide App Step-by-step installation guide will give you the opportunity to download the app appropriately. Follow our stated instructions and download this app for your device successfully.

Step-1 First you go to the Aptoide link from your mobile browser and click on the “Install Aptoide” button.

Step-2 Now open your Paid Client, you will see a large “Ad Store” button at the bottom right corner of the screen, click on it

Step-3 Now click on the top store available in the Stores section, here you will find the stores of Android apps and games. From where you can choose an app.

Step 4 Now, after clicking on the Ad Store option, easily add 3-4 stores to your clients’ applications.

Step 5 You are now fully prepared to run this app. Click the search icon located and search the Aptoide to easily download the client.

Features of Aptoide App

Aptoide App is a great one that is totally similar to the Google Play Store, but there are many specialties that you probably do not know about. We will tell you about it.

The multitude of apps

The Aptoide is not just a stand-alone application store, it contains many different consumers claimed stores. In it, you can go to various designer stores by tapping on the store option given on the basis of Aptoide App screen of your choice and you can use them.

Aptoide App is Ads free

You will not get annoying ads on this every time. The App is completely free of advertisements and in this way, it gives you a better app. In this, you can remove the add on your own. This function gives you an ad-free app.

One-Click Installation

This app allows you to download any app in your one-click on your device. Due to this, it becomes easy for everyone.


The specific thing to do with Aptoide is that you can go back to the old version of your app at any time without rollback or any issue. And can run it. You can use this feature at any time without any problems.

Aptoide For PC

Aptoide For PC

You also want to download the app on the PC so we give you a link here for this. You can get help from our website to download Aptoide For PC. We allow you to download it with a conflict-free process. We will tell you an easy process to download the Aptoide app on our site, through which you can easily download it. This is not harmful to your PC in any way. It does not give any viruses to your system. Downloading the app is very easy, and it is completely free and you do not have any kind of charge.

Aptoide For IOS

 Aptoide For IOS

Today all people use the iOS system more because its android system is very strong. We provide you the download link for Aptoide For IOS on our site through which you can download this app for your ios device. How can you download and install the app? Share the entire process with detailed guidelines. Like this app store, you will also be able to download many types of paid apps and games for free on the ios device. Because it has its own Play Store, but it does not offer it for free. So if you want to download Aptoide For ios, stay on our site.


FAQ Based On Aptoide App

Q- What are the uses of the Aptoide app?

Ans- This app is completely free and there is no charge of any kind. Available in all old and new versions. And updates from time to time. You can use it with PC, tablet, and phone. App has the ability to share and upload applications.

Q- Which apps are available from Aptoide?

Ans – In it, you have included all the applications related to the Android device. You can find paid apps for free. If you are not getting a definite app from the Apple App Store, you will find them here.

Q- What is Aptoide Lite?

Ans- The version given by the Aptoide Light epidemic remains. Which is designed in light memory allocation. It is designed for people who live in rural areas. Those who do not have a strong source of Internet.

Q- Can it be downloaded from google play store?

Ans- No, Google Play Store does not support this type of app. So you can not download it from there.

Some other related questions

Q- Can it be downloaded from google play store?

Ans- No, Google Play Store does not support this type of app. So you can not download it from there.

Q- Can I get all kinds of apps here?

Ans- Generally, all apps in the Play Store are available here. You can also find apps here that are not usually found in the Play Store, in this app you can also get paid apps for FREE.

Q- Which platform does Aptoide support?

Ans- It previously supported only Android device but now supports Windows, Mac and iOS devices. You can use it on these devices.

-Final Word –  

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